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Butler School students (left to right) Nicole Szubert, Adrianna Prianaitis and Crystal Ramirez listen to Isabella Majchrowicz’s Couch Caddy pitch Thursday, Jan. 24, during the Invention Convention at the school. Photos by Laurie Fanelli/22nd Century Media
Butler School fourth-grader Bryce Pasch demonstrates how his Bed Book Buddy invention works Thursday, Jan. 24, during the Invention Convention.
Sarah Clawson takes her Bucketvator on a test run.
Owen Duffy shares information about his Ant Annihilator dog bowl.
Laurie Fanelli, Freelance Reporter
9:50 am CST January 29, 2019
Inventions have changed the world. From Henry Ford’s Model T to Steve Jobs’ iPhone, modern life has been shaped by the work of great innovators. At Butler School on Thursday, Jan. 24, Michelle Schultz’s fourth-grade Discovery students displayed imagination and practicality with products designed for the 2019 Invention Convention. Reading hazards, pest control, winter worries and more problems were solved by the young creators’ novel inventions.