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Teachers from Jerling Junior High School in Orland Park came to the premiere on Dec. 6 to support their co-worker Gary Gow (back middle), of Homer Glen, who was a prominent role in “Heavens to Betsy 2.” Photos by Megan Schuller/22nd Century Media
Director Robert Alaniz (third from the left) poses with his main cast of actors at the premiere, many of which are from around the area.
Megan Schuller, Freelance Reporter
1:25 pm CST January 8, 2019
The term “heavens to Betsy” is an American phrase once coined to mean shock or surprise. Frankfort native and director of “Heavens to Betsy” and “Heavens to Betsy 2” Robert Alaniz put a play on words and gave the expression new context.