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The recently opened HH Holmes Murder Hotel-themed escape room is a well-decorated space from a bygone era ready for customers to solve at We Escape in Homer Glen. Photos by Thomas Czaja/22nd Century Media
The HH Holmes Murder Hotel room is a horror-themed space at We Escape in Homer Glen, where guests pretend there has been a murder and help examine findings to help police solve the case.
A lock guarding one of the clues in the series of puzzles guests must solve in an hour in the new escape room.
Thomas Czaja, Editor
1:12 pm CDT October 7, 2019

Herman Webster Mudgett, known by many as HH Holmes, was the infamous serial killer who lured his victims to his Murder Castle during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

This building, which the man had constructed with a number of secret passages, trapdoors and more, was said to also contain a hotel, though it has been determined a hotel might never have actually been open for business there.