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Rachel Hampton protrays “Lady Chastity” as the town wench selling flowers to the audience at the sold-out Madrigal Feaste performances held Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 at LTHS. Photos by Bob Klein/22nd Century Media
Trevor Singler (left), who played “Sir Mertonsire” and Megan Staley, who played “Jester Jinkin,” explain reports of dragons in the neighboring kingdoms.
Members of the Madrigal Court perform a song for the guests.
The men of the Royal Court and the Troubadours sing the “Pirate Song” to distract the king and court from rumors of dragons.
Stephen Kowalewski acts as the “Town Crier.”
Bob Klein, Freelance Photographer
3:30 pm CST December 14, 2018
Lockport Township High School performs holiday, Renaissance-themed banquet for annual Madrigal Feaste