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Pastor Column: Being honest about the true meaning of words

by Rev. Thomas J. Loya, Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church Opinion, Contributing Columnists

“You don’t accept me! Stop judging me! You’re a hater!” 

Like so many other words in our language today, the word “accept” is being used to intimidate another person, and indeed our entire culture into going along with...

From the Editor: Inspiring others, whether near or far

by Thomas Czaja, Senior Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I personally have not known anyone to this point who has served in the Peace Corps, though I have always been impressed with its ideals of service and giving back, its widespread reach, its commitment for those who decide to volunteer...

From the Editor: Another busy sports season to begin and a perfect score

by Thomas Czaja, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The summer is different than the rest of the year for our sports section.

Normally, fall through spring, we cover the wide variety of sports at the high school level. That usually provides plenty of different material...