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Steve (left) and John Strnad point to their brother, Frank’s, name on the Vietnam memorial plaque June 22 inside LTHS Central Campus. Frank served for about two years in the Marines following his junior year in 1966 at the school. Photos by Jacquelyn Schlabach/22nd Century Media
Steve (left) and John (middle) Strnad stand next to Lockport Mayor Steve Streit as he thanks everyone for traveling to Lockport and apologizes on behalf of the City for taking so long to fix Frank’s misspelled last name.
John Strnad kneels in front of the memorial plaque in Central Square in downtown Lockport where his brother, Frank, is honored.
Steve and John’s families stand together in front of LTHS Central Campus after seeing the memorial plaque inside the school.
Jacquelyn Schlabach, Assistant Editor
3:00 pm CDT July 10, 2018
In the May 10 issue of The Homer Horizon, our cover story “Money raised to correct Military plaques in Lockport,” told the story of Frank Jay Strnad, who was killed in Vietnam in 1968.