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Unscripted: ‘Last Christmas’ tugs at heartstrings, elicits a range of audience emotions

by Thomas Czaja, Editor Life & Arts, Reviews

MPAA Rating: PG-13 || Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama || Running Time: 1 hour, 43 minutes

I fully admit I was introduced a bit late to the Hallmark Channel, specifically its wonderfully cheery and quite sentimental...

Unscripted: ‘Joker’ sheds light on mental illness with a haunting narrative

by Abhinanda Datta, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, The Arts, Reviews

Author Angela Carter wrote that a child’s pure laughter is tarnished the moment it laughs at a clown in the circus, and as people derive joy from the misfortunes of a mentally ill man in Todd Phillips’ “Joker,” the ugly face of...

Unscripted: ‘IT Chapter Two’ is a harlequin of horror with an overpowering tone of nostalgia

by Abhinanda Datta, Assistant Editor Life & Arts, Reviews

Sequels often fall short of overbearing expectations from loyal fans of the franchise, and Andy Muschietti’s “IT Chapter Two” is no exception. After the astounding success of the first film released in 2017, he had to deliver a...