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Unscripted: ‘Pokémon Detective Pikachu’ a journey of nostalgia, world ripe for more exploration

by Thomas Czaja, Editor Life & Arts, Reviews

MPAA Rating: PG || Genres: Fantasy, Mystery || Running Time: 105 minutes

Before I dive fully into this review, I must confess I was a child during what I would consider the original peak of Pokémon’s popularity in the...

Unscripted: ‘Chappaquiddick’ shines light on Kennedy story of power over truth

by Alan P. Henry, Freelance Reporter Life & Arts, Reviews

For 60 years, much of the American media has treated the Kennedy family name with reverence bordering on hero worship, handled family shortcomings with kid gloves and kept the high-minded fires of Camelot burning bright — all of which...

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