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Laura Manikas (second from right) died of bone cancer last month. Her family (left to right), including her daughters, Emily and Stephanie; her husband, George, Sr.; and her son, George, Jr., continue to be inspired by her in various aspects of their lives. Photos submitted
The Manikas family (left to right) mother, Laura; children, George, Jr., Stephanie and Emily; and father, George, Sr., is pictured. Laura died of osteosarcoma last month, and her family plans to honor her memory in various ways, including her daughters’ plans to launch a jewelry line.
Laura Manikas (middle) with her children (left to right) Emily, George, Jr. and Stephanie when they were younger.
Erin Redmond, Assistant Editor
5:24 pm CDT April 3, 2017
On July 4, 2016, Laura Manikas and her eldest daughter, Stephanie, went on a three-mile trail run together. By the end of the month, Laura could barely walk. The lifelong Lockport and Homer Glen resident found a small lump on her upper hip, which grew rapidly. A biopsy revealed Laura had an an extremely rare cancer called soft tissue sarcoma. She died March 11.