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Devon Curry, known as Livewire, goes up for a slam Thursday, Feb. 8, during the Harlem Wizards fundraising event at Hadley Middle School. Photos by Julie McMann/22nd Century Media
Lloyd Clinton, known as Loonatik, signs autographs for Mohammad Abusalah (left) and Caden Harnett Ratkovich.
Leon Sewell, known as Spacejam (left), stops Lloyd Clinton, known as Loonatik, from running off with fifth-grade teacher Kristen Bard.
Teachers get themselves hyped up before the game against the Wizards.
Submitted by Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C
11:56 am CST February 13, 2018
A team of students from Hadley Middle School recently took on a team of Wizards in a game of basketball.