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Joe Coughlin, Publisher
3:59 am CST December 6, 2019

If you have not yet, please make sure you check out the story on the cover of this issue before you read this column, which may not make a whole lot of sense otherwise.

We hope you find the idea of supporting for your local news reasonable. We have been dedicated to providing unbeatable coverage of Homer Glen for 14 years. And as you can imagine, producing complete and original community journalism takes people and it takes resources.

You have supported The Horizon for years, showing that you appreciate and trust our work. Asking you to buy a subscription for our product is the next step in that journey.

Before I get into the specifics of a Horizon subscription, I hope you bear with me for an anecdote:

In my first year as a community newsman, a role I was not yet sure suited me, I got a call from a troubled woman in New Lenox.

She told me that one morning the month prior her husband — a relatively young, vibrant man — did not wake up. With the breakfast table set, the kids waiting and the coffee hot, the man of the house never walked down the stairs. 

In his sleep, to the shock of all, he slipped into a coma.

As medical bills piled up, the family of humble means decided to raffle off the husband’s prize possession: a rehabbed, vintage motorcycle. So, for the newspaper, The New Lenox Patriot, a sister of The Horizon, I wrote about it. 

I got another call from the woman a week later. Not only did the family receive more than enough entries to hold the raffle, but also, the winner of the bike gave it back to its owner.

Local news mattered then. Local news matters now.

We did what no one else could. A community connection is the foundation of 22nd Century Media, publisher of The Horizon. With our feet on the street, we cover our beats like no one else can or will. 

We report on every Village Board meeting, keep up on local breaking news, provide police reports, give regular business features/updates and cover Lockport Township High School District 205, Providence Catholic High School, Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C and Will County School District 92. We are present at all your favorite events, from Homer for the Holidays and Homer Community Fest to fundraisers and community concerts. We provide unparalleled and award-winning coverage of local sports and student-athletes. This dedicated and valued coverage is our calling card and has led to unprecedented growth in the media industry over the last 14 years. It has also led to more than 170 national and state journalism awards.

More importantly, though, our detailed and authentic work has led to our news becoming an essential part of life in Homer Glen and our other communities.

As The Homer Horizon moves to paid subscriptions, we are confident our loyal readers will continue to support the type of thorough, local reporting that informs, equips and inspires a community.

This is a necessary step forward for The Horizon, which has provided to you its award-winning coverage free of charge through its first 14 years.

With your subscription, at just 75 cents an issue, you will be telling us that you value quality local news; you will be telling us that it matters to you.