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Pictured is the chicken oreganato ($23), one of 20 new items at the newly remodeled 94 Grille & Tavern. The bone-in chicken breast and legs are smothered in a zesty lemon and oreganato butter, and served alongside potato wedges. (Erik Schmidt/22nd Century Media)
Erik Schmidt, Assistant Editor
4:14 pm CDT July 7, 2014

One time, because he felt like it, Bryan Sord built an entire 8,000-square foot restaurant from scratch in just 93 days.

For an encore, he remodeled half of his Orland Park eatery – 94 West – in a blistering week and a half.

No, this is not a man to be trifled with.

“I don’t [mess] around,” Sord said. “We redid the floors and everything. I’m pretty good.”