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Sandeep Joshi, 28, cooks a meal for an order Wednesday, June 7, at Chak De Fuzyon, his new restaurant in Tinley Park. Photos by Brittany Kapa/22nd Century Media
Twisted Babycorn ($7.99) is a vegan dish that contains coconut milk, tomato, ketchup and chili sauce which is topped with sesame oil and cilantro.
Chicken tikka masala ($10.99) can be ordered mild or spicy, and has a creamy butter, tomato and fenugreek sauce that simmers with masala spices for a complex flavor.
Brittany Kapa, Contributing Assistant Editor
11:22 am CDT June 15, 2017
Sandeep Joshi strongly believes that cooking is an art form that can touch all of the senses. “The chef is the biggest artist for me,” he said. “The art of the chef, people can smell; people can see and eat. I’m really influenced by that.”