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Clemson University

Homer Glen student named to president’s list

Mia Clare Jones, of Homer Glen, has been named to the president’s list at Clemson University for the fall 2016 semester. She is majoring in financial management.

To be named to the president’s list, a student must achieve a 4.0 (all As) grade-point average. 

University of Dallas

Native from Homer Glen named to fall 2016 honor roll

Erin Redmond
Internships are designed give students an advantage for when they start their full-time careers, and recently the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce decided to help students obtain that extra advantage. The chamber started an official internship program this spring and has already placed three students in member, local businesses.
Max Lapthorne

Chris Febel, Homer Glen resident, shared this photo of “Valentine Riley,” a 4-year-old chocolate lab. The family canine loves going to the dog park and running down the horse trails in the forest preserve. He also loves to swim, so the family has to be careful he doesn’t jump into ponds or retention areas. He’s a sweet dog and a happy part of the family, Febel said. 


Max Lapthorne
You may remember the last time we took on this project. We asked you to send us an official request to keep receiving your free, award-winning community newspaper, The Homer Horizon.
Thomas Czaja
Skylar Aguilar is a senior at Lockport Township High School and a member of the girls track team. How did you start running track? My freshman year, I actually didn’t run track. Then I met my coach, and he introduced me to a couple of the girls, and then I became friends with the girls before I actually started running. When I met them, I was like, “I have to join and be around these girls more.”
Erin Redmond
Over the past couple of months, I’ve been thinking about getting more involved in my community of Downers Grove.
Jacquelyn Schlabach

In an effort to help educate parents on Internet safety, Lockport Township High School District 205 is hosting an informational technology safety meeting at 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 18, in the East Campus auditorium.

The two-hour presentation for parents to learn more about keeping their children safe online will be given by Naperville Detective Richard Wistocki. 

Lauren Finkler

Ellingson was chosen as this week’s Standout Student based on her academic performance.

What is one essential you must have when studying and why?

I have to have music because if it’s silent while I’m working, I get really distracted.

What do you like to do when not in school or studying?

I love riding horses and also being with my friends; they make my high school experience 10 times more enjoyable.

Max Lapthorne

The current homeowners are downsizing. They no longer need the separate related living apartment, so their meticulously maintained home is now available for the next owner to enjoy.

What: A custom five-bedroom, four-bath, two-story with first floor, separate apartment, related living.

Where: 13308 Hiawatha Drive, Homer Glen 

Erin Redmond

Homer Glen resident Kay Gavrick shared photos taken outside her Stately Oaks home, where she said a deer came right up for a visit. “We were in our yard, and the deer came over to see what we were up to,” she recalled. “Thought I would share, because it was pretty incredible.”  

Brittany Kapa