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PHOTOS: Turning the tassel

by Mary Compton, Freelance Photographer News, School

Eighth-graders at Homer Jr. High recognized for their achievements at graduation ceremony at LTHS’s East Campus

LTHS conducts graduation ceremony for Class of 2018

by Laurie Fanelli, Freelance Reporter News, School

Time moves fast, but on the afternoon of Saturday, June 2, the more than 850 graduating seniors of Lockport Township High School were able to slow down, reflect for a moment and appreciate all that they have accomplished in their high...

Providence graduates reflect on family bond in Class of 2018

by Jacquelyn Schlabach, Assistant Editor News, School

Reflecting on the last four years at Providence Catholic High School, the recent graduates can’t help but look back at their journey and remember how their class has grown together as a family. 

From walking the...