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Homer D33C registration to begin in June
D205: Potential State funding formula changes may lead to loss of general State aid
Standout Student: Carolyn Dietz, Lockport Township senior
Standout Student: Kayla Kelly, Oak Prairie eighth-grader
D92: Budgeting process for upcoming school year already underway
Standout Student: Isabelle Purpura, Hadley fifth-grader
PorterBots demonstrate robotic knowledge at competition
Standout Student: Brendan Lempicki, Lockport Township High School sophomore
Multiple Oak Prairie students apply for IESA Scholar Attitude Award
Homer 33C offers its Camp Invention
Standout Student: Nick Barry, Hadley Middle School fifth-grader
D33C: Behavior support specialist position approved at meeting
LTHS students earn honors in drafting
Goodings Grove instructor named recipient of HGJWC honor
Standout Student: Samantha Rodriguez, Oak Prairie eighth-grader
D205: East Campus classroom renovation design plans analyzed
D92: New Ludwig principal announced at meeting
Bulthuis makes bee
Standout Student: Jack Moran, Hadley fifth-grader
PHOTO: Hadley students learn to paint
Standout Student: Jacob Moerman, Hadley fifth-grader
Standout Student: Tomi Jo Mansell, Lockport Township junior
D33C: District enrollment projections given at meeting
D205: Options for East Campus renovation project reviewed
School News: Collegiate dean's list