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From the Intern: Continuing the adventure

by Kara Keating, Editorial Intern Opinion, From the Editor

After spending a month of my summer studying in Europe traveling to Paris, London and Rome and exploring new things while living off pizza and pasta, I now find myself at The Homer Horizon as the new editorial intern to keep my...

From the Editor: Finding one’s voice on radio or anywhere

by Thomas Czaja, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Back in my final year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I hosted a weekly sports radio show at the student station with two other co-hosts over both of my last two semesters.

We would spend the one-...

From the Editor: The importance of having the support of a community

by Thomas Czaja, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

This newspaper often contains stories of many great achievements and heartwarming moments involving various members of the community.

Unfortunately, it also sometimes contains the opposite kind of stories, those...