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Property owner Sylvia Zielke-Kuffel is trying to save this barn, located at 16217 S. Gougar Road in Homer Township, on her property that has historical ties to John Lane. Photos by Brittany Kapa/22nd Century Media
The barn needs major repairs if it is going to be saved.
Rebecca McClenning’s seventh- and eighth-grade students visit Sylvia Zielke-Kuffel’s property earlier this month and learn about John Lane, the inventor of the steel plow. Photo submitted
Brittany Kapa, Assistant Editor
11:01 am CDT September 12, 2017

Sylvia Zielke-Kuffel has been trying to restore an old barn on her property that has a great historical significance.

Zielke-Kuffel has lived on her Homer Township property since 1964, knowing the whole time the land was originally owned by John Lane. Lane, the inventor of the first steel plow, changed the way farmers cultivated crops.